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All Things Football

All Things Football is a football algorithm that predicts the results of English Premiership football matches. The algorithm has been operating for almost 2 full seasons and is self-enhancing. It uses raw data from matches over time and analyses the data to come up with the most likely score.

All Things Football uses this data to provide up to date statistics on all premiership matches, analysing trends and momentum and their affect on the teams performances over time. All Things Football was initiated by a team of football betting professionals who analyse the data weekly and use the information to formulate football betting strategies to gain a competitive advantage over the bookmaker.

The main data sets that the algorithm uses to make it's predictions can be accessed through the All Things Football website. An example is shown below: This data is manipulated by the algorithm to predict the key outcomes in each game. It matches up the data to convert into the key statistics that determine the eventual result. These factors include Home and Away performance, likely shots on taret and likely conversion rate.

All Things Football provides sets of weekly information and reports to Football Betting Club and Football Betting club shares these reports with their subscribers. A base level report is shwn below: Figure 1:

Further information on Football Betting Club can be found by following the link below;

Football Betting Club

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